January 07, 2015

Style Goals

We're a week into the New Year and I think now is a great time to talk about style goals. An in depth analysis of your current style is a great way to figure out where to start. And remember, your goals should always be flexible.

Keep in mind that style goals can range from better shopping habits to a new skincare routine. These goals can honestly capture any part of your style journey. Some goals that I've seen include:
  • Daily #ootd photos
  • More bright colors
  • Weekly at home facials 
  • Repeating outfits less frequently 
As you can see, anything that you want to achieve in terms of style, can be added to your goals list! Here is my list of Style Goals for 2015:
  1. Buy more accessories! Necklaces, scarves, rings, headbands etc. 
  2. Take better care of my nails. No acrylics!
  3. Get some more boyfriend jeans and loose fitting sweaters. Everything does not have to be body hugging. 
  4. Watch more makeup tutorials and learn some new techniques. 
  5. Continue to add a soft and refined element to my style. 
  6. Don't follow trends. Wear something because you like it, not because it's liked. 
  7. Post at least once a week on blog!
  8. Buy more heels. Every woman needs multiple pairs. 
  9. Keep up with current designers, models, fashion trends etc.
  10. Always have fun while planning outfits.
I'll refer back to my goals as the year progresses to make sure I am evolving in the right direction. Comment with a style goal of your own and remember to stay profashional! 

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