July 28, 2015

Living Life Profashionally: #BlackGirlsYouTubeToo

I have decided to start a new series entitled "Living Life Profashionally" in which I will interview someone who is Living Life Profashionally on a monthly basis! I believe that to Live Life Profashionally means to strike the balance of being professional and fantabulous. It means to carry yourself with class and to never stop reaching for your goals whatever they may be. This month's interviewee will be fashion and beauty vlogger, #BlackGirlsYouTubeToo! She infuses her bubbly personality into everything she does, making her vlogs fun and addicting to watch. After only 9 months of vlogging, she has hit over 1,300 subscribers and to top it all off, she's a good friend of mine who attends THE MECCA a.k.a Howard University!

TPF: How did you start vlogging?
Judayah: I started my channel with the original intent to post makeup tutorials and quick "Get Ready With Me" videos but after the first few uploads, I felt like I could offer more. I always thought that I was way too awkward to talk in front of a camera and have someone on the opposite end actually receive something from it, but decided that I would take my chances. In my video, "What They Won't Tell You FRESHMEN #HU19", I announced that I was a Howard student. I was nervous about how people would take it but it ended up being my most popular video and that's when I realized that I had something important to share with others-- a voice.  

TPF: Why did you choose #BlackGirlsYouTubeToo?
Judayah: I chose #BlackGirlsYouTubeToo because I was tired of being underrepresented. I watch YouTube videos all day, every day for all different types of things: DIYs, comedy, make up tutorials, advice, you name it! I noticed that no matter what I typed in the search bar, women who looked like me were never the top hits. Why should I have to specify "For Dark Skin" just to see something or someone that pertains to me? Every time someone hears or sees my alias I want them to remember that black women most certainly are doing our thing on here as well! It doesn't just stop at YouTube, and to be honest, it doesn't just stop with Black girls. Any one of us can do anything that we put our minds to. I refuse to let the top hits, society's standard of beauty, and the naysayers tell me any differently.

TPF: What is something important that you have learned from the vlog world?
Judayah: I would say that the biggest thing I have learned from vlogging is that everything and anything you say can have an effect on others. People can immediately tell when someone is being real or fake and it's truly a platform to make a difference in someone's life. 

TPF: What do you think is the best service a vlogger can provide to his/her readers?
Judayah: Honesty. No matter what you're talking about or what you're trying to sell, make sure you are honest about it! The last thing you want is to lose subscribers and support because of insincerity. Making money should not be your sole motive. Without passion and honesty, you will not get very far. 

TPF: Best tip for new vloggers?
Judayah: Before your first post, write down the reasons why you are starting. Identify what your goals are with doing this and why you think someone might find what you have to say beneficial. It really helps in keeping you on track, motivated, and genuine. 

TPF: Who is Judayah?
Judayah: Good question! Judayah is a quiet, nerdy girl from the middle of nowhere in Upstate New York. She is a huge goof ball with a struggling makeup addiction. She's just a Howard girl with a webcam and an iPhone trying to make her dreams come true. 

TPF: Your top 3 beauty products you can't live without?
Judayah: Does weave count as a beauty product? No? Oh. Okay. Well I absolutely cannot live without
1, Make Up Forever's Mat Velvet + Matifying Foundation
2. Eyebrow pencil
3. Mary Kay mascara
As much as I love makeup, I could live with these basics. I like to make sure my skin is seamless, my brows are fleeked and my lashes are luscious. 

TPF: Favorite thing about Howard University?
Judayah: The thing that I love most about the Mecca is how it exposes people to the diversity within one race. Black is really undefined and doesn't follow the stereotypical trend-- it sets it. I had no idea until I came to Howard. 

TPF: Tell us your style staple!
Judayah: Almost everyone knows me for my signature black floppy hat. That is my go to accessory. Whether my flexi rod set is popping or my leave out is in distress, the hat defintely compliments any hairstyle and hides any disaster.  

TPF: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
Judayah: At 29, I see myself being happy. I am not very big on marriage or children, but I can see myself being surrounded by family and good friends. My 10 year goal is to work through television, preferably as a talk show host. I want to give the facts like Oprah, have fun like Ellen, and serve the tea like Wendy! 

TPF: What do you love about The Profashional Life?
Judayah: I love that you are doing what you love and helping other people at the same time. You are the most fashionable person I know and it would almost be a crime for you not to share that with the world. I love that you are being yourself even behind a screen. 

TPF: What does it mean to Live Life Profashionally to you?
Judayah: I originally thought that to Live Life Profashionally meant to embrace my inner fashionista while remaining professional. I read your #INTERNSZN post and I think that hits the idea right on the head. I believe that to Live Life Profashionally is more so about creating a safe place for fashionistas to be inspired. As you said, there is absolutely no reason why we can't be the best dressed in the office! 

Want more from Judayah? Check her out on YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram!
Thank you again for the interview Judayah and for starting off the "Living Life Profashionally" series with a bang! Stay Profashional my loves! xoxo

Photos via: Instagram


July 20, 2015


So your internship is in full swing and things have been going pretty smoothly. But now it's getting really hot outside and you're staring at your open closet about to burst into tears. Why? Because you don't know what to wear! Fear not my loves, for I have some suggestions on how to look professional and absolutely fantabulous while staying cool.

I am currently the Social Media/Marketing intern for a book marketing company and I love it. While this internship may not directly correlate with the field I want to enter, it is a learning experience I wouldn't trade for the world (especially being that journalism is becoming apart of the ever changing digital world). But anyways back to what to wear!

Today, I dressed up a little bit to give me some Monday motivation. (The better you look, the better you feel right?) I went for a bright colored top, tucked into a fun pleated striped skirt and some low ankle strap heels. For accessories, I chose a statement necklace, paired with my gold Casio watch and new handbag I scored at Aldo for 65% off! I always try to carry a handbag big enough to hold whatever I may need for the day. That way I only have to hold my purse, laptop and cup of tea in the morning. In terms of shoes, the lower the better. You never know what kind of errands you might have to run and want to be quick on your feet.

Keep in mind that every workplace is different. If you're unsure of the dress code, ask! Summer internships are hard to dress for being that our roles are often ambiguous, we don't have an office wardrobe (or the money for one), we don't know what we'll be doing from day to day and it's hot! A rule I try to stick to is to always look appropriate meaning no super short skirts, no cleavage, and nothing too form fitting. 

I hope my outfit and tips provides you with some inspiration! Just because we're interns doesn't mean we can't be the best dressed in the office! Have fun with your outfits and as always, Stay Profashional. xoxo


July 15, 2015

Lady Crush Wednesday

It's Wednesday which means that it is time to post pictures of our current lady crush. This Wednesday, my lady crush goes to (drum-roll please) Lupita Nyong'o! She looked fabulous at every event she attended at Paris Fashion Week last week.

Lupita Nyong'o in Dior at the Dior Fall 2015 couture show

Lupita Nyong'o in Prada at Lancome's 80th anniversary celebration 

Lupita Nyong'o in Maison Margiela at the Maison Margiela show

Thanks to Lupita's sense of style, she never fails to dazzle on and off the red carpet. Her looks are always effortless yet so chic and one can't help but love her. Who is your lady crush this Wednesday? Comment and let me know! As always, Stay Profashional! xoxo

Photos via: Popsugar

July 13, 2015

Unapologetically Black

South Sudanese Ford model Nykhor Paul wrote a heated open letter to ill prepared makeup artists on her Instagram last Monday. The picture above was paired with this caption:

"Dear white people in the fashion world! Please don’t take this the wrong way but it’s time you people get your shit right when it comes to our complexion! Why do I have to bring my own makeup to a professional show when all the other white girls don’t have to do anything but show up wtf! Don’t try to make me feel bad because I am blue black its 2015 go to Mac, Bobbi Brown, Makeup forever, Iman cosmetic, black opal, even LancĂ´me and Clinique carried them plus so much more. there’s so much options our there for dark skin tones today. A good makeup artist would come prepare and do there research before coming to work because often time you know what to expect especially at a show! Stop apologizing it’s insulting and disrespectful to me and my race it doesn’t help, seriously! Make an effort at least! That goes for NYC, London, Milan, Paris and Cape Town plus everywhere else that have issues with black skin tones.Just because you only book a few of us doesn’t mean you have the right to make us look ratchet. I’m tired of complaining about not getting book as a black model and I’m definitely super tired of apologizing for my blackness!!!! Fashion is art, art is never racist it should be inclusive of all not only white people, shit we started fashion in Africa and you modernize and copy it! Why can’t we be part of fashion fully and equally?” 

Nykhor was scouted when she was 14-years old and started modeling full time when she turned 17. Nykhor has modeled for some of the top names in the industry yet still after 10 years, makeup artists don't have the right powder and foundation for her skin tone. Personally, I find this offensive and I am not even in the fashion industry (yet). As a makeup artist, your medium is the human body. You know how to do a really pale skin girl but can't figure out how to get to the other side of the spectrum? I am so happy that Nykhor is vocalizing her frustration. It's been time to stop apologizing for being black. 

What are your thoughts on Nykhor's open letter? Leave a comment and let me know! And as always, Stay Profashional. xoxo

July 10, 2015

Laced Up

I am all for the lace up trend this summer. Shoes, shirts, dresses, rompers, etc. I just love it. Here are some look boards with lace up Profashional Picks:
Tunics are already cute and comfortable (my favorite combination) so why not grab a denim one with some lace up detail? Throw on some low top sneakers and you're ready to chill this weekend!
Who says that bikinis are solely for the beach? Pair this lace up bikini top with some high waisted printed shorts, a long kimono, and some lace up sandals for a day on the boardwalk!
Not only are rompers beyond comfortable, they are super versatile! This lace up romper can easily go from day to night depending on how you style it. With some lace up platform sandals and a classy little clutch, you are ready for a night out.

How are you going to incorporate lace up pieces into your summer look? Leave a comment and let me know! And as always, stay Profashional. xoxo

Weekend Casual:
Tunic - asos.com
Sneakers - keds.com
Sunglasses - stylebop.com
Watch - harveynichols.com
Earrings - riverisland.com
Bangles - jcpenny.com

Beach Please:
Kimono - whitneyeve.com
Bikini Top - backcountry.com
Shorts - chicnova.com
Sunglasses - hm.com 
Sandals - topshop.com

Night Out:
Romper - asos.com
Sandals - nordstrom.com
Sunglasses - nastygal.com
Cuff - solesociety.com
Purse - accessorize.com


July 08, 2015

I See You In The City

This past weekend I went up to New York City to hang out with some friends and to just act a fool to be completely honest. I wanted to be comfortable and casual yet cute so I decided to break out my new white canvas Vans. Very bold, I know, but they were calling my name and needed to broken in anyways. I love Vans and find them to be the perfect summer sneaker. I paired them with my straight leg jeans from Gap and a loose yellow tank from Urban Outfitters that I scored for $6.99 from the sale rack! For accessories, I kept it pretty simple with my gold Casio watch, a gold chain my father gave me and a gold arm cuff from American Eagle.
We ended our night at a rooftop party where fireworks were being displayed. All in all, it was a wonderful weekend. Stay Profashional! xoxo

Side note: I love PartyNextDoor and decided to name this post after the line in his song, "TBH" because it is so fitting and I love him. Random but just a nice little fun fact about me :).
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