July 20, 2015


So your internship is in full swing and things have been going pretty smoothly. But now it's getting really hot outside and you're staring at your open closet about to burst into tears. Why? Because you don't know what to wear! Fear not my loves, for I have some suggestions on how to look professional and absolutely fantabulous while staying cool.

I am currently the Social Media/Marketing intern for a book marketing company and I love it. While this internship may not directly correlate with the field I want to enter, it is a learning experience I wouldn't trade for the world (especially being that journalism is becoming apart of the ever changing digital world). But anyways back to what to wear!

Today, I dressed up a little bit to give me some Monday motivation. (The better you look, the better you feel right?) I went for a bright colored top, tucked into a fun pleated striped skirt and some low ankle strap heels. For accessories, I chose a statement necklace, paired with my gold Casio watch and new handbag I scored at Aldo for 65% off! I always try to carry a handbag big enough to hold whatever I may need for the day. That way I only have to hold my purse, laptop and cup of tea in the morning. In terms of shoes, the lower the better. You never know what kind of errands you might have to run and want to be quick on your feet.

Keep in mind that every workplace is different. If you're unsure of the dress code, ask! Summer internships are hard to dress for being that our roles are often ambiguous, we don't have an office wardrobe (or the money for one), we don't know what we'll be doing from day to day and it's hot! A rule I try to stick to is to always look appropriate meaning no super short skirts, no cleavage, and nothing too form fitting. 

I hope my outfit and tips provides you with some inspiration! Just because we're interns doesn't mean we can't be the best dressed in the office! Have fun with your outfits and as always, Stay Profashional. xoxo



  1. This does look like an amazing summer-friendly outfit, I love! I've been longing to pair something striped with a vibrant top. Beautiful look and congrats on the internship, sounds lovely :)

    1. Thank you so much! You have to come up with an outfit and post pictures!


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