October 01, 2015

Living Life Profashionally: Dipped Cosmetics

Hello my loves! You already know that it's that time of the month to interview someone who is Living Life Profashionally! I believe that to Live Life Profashionally means to strike the balance of being professional and fantabulous. It means to carry yourself with class and to never stop reaching for your goals whatever they may be. This month's interviewee will be *drum roll please* entrepreneur, Ibriz Morris! She is the founder of Dipped Cosmetics, a makeup line geared towards women of color. She is currently a student at Howard University and my best friend (That's my best friend, that's my best friend, go best friend). ALSO, The Profashional Life will be hosting its first ever giveaway featuring Dipped Cosmetics! Read on to find out more!

TPL: Why did you choose Dipped as the name for your line?
Ibriz: My name in Arabic means "pure gold" so after learning that I just felt like everything in my life had to be connected to gold. It's a lot, I know. So when I was brainstorming names for the line I thought "Dipped in Gold" and BAM! Dipped Cosmetics was born.

TPL: What made you want to launch a makeup line?
Ibriz: I watch an abnormal amount of makeup videos on YouTube. After watching nearly every pigmented girl have to mix two different shades to get their complexion, I realized that there was a need for a brand that actually caters to darker complexions.

TPL: What products do you offer and where do you see the line going?
Ibriz: The first product that will be dropping is Dipped Lashes. Dipped Lashes are handmade 100% Mink false eyelashes. The line will later expand into color cosmetics such as foundations, lippies, powders and other products.

TPL: What is unique about Dipped Cosmetics?
Ibriz: Dipped Cosmetics products will be geared towards makeup enthusiasts of color. My goal is to provide them with the shades that they want and need while eliminating the need to mix foundations to achieve the perfect match.

TPL: Who is Ibriz?
Ibriz: Ibriz is a 19 year old creative who doesn't really know what direction she is going in and doesn't think that she ever will know. She's an over thinker, an over achiever and a go getter. Someone who you know will always be there for you no matter what. A ride or die to the select few that have called her a friend. Honestly, she's not even completely sure of who she is right now but she is learning and is learning to be okay with not knowing.

TPL: What are your makeup must haves?
Ibriz: I love contouring! Whenever I try to refrain from doing my face on a daily basis, I think "a little contouring won't hurt" and before I know it, I have a full beat with lashes. Setting spray is also a MUST. On those days that I actually don't do my face (which is rare) I still like to spray my face with a setting spray.

TPL: Everyone does their makeup differently but what do you think is the proper order of applying makeup?
Ibriz: It honestly depends on the day. Most days I'm an eyes first type of girl but some days I put my foundation on first then proceed to my eyes and then I CONTOUR!

TPL: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
Ibriz: In 10 years, I will be a proud Howard University Alumni. I will have completed my years at law school and hopefully have opened or be close to opening my own law firm. Dipped Cosmetics will be bigger than I could ever imagine and will be competing with the big name cosmetic lines that we know today. I will have started my non-profit that will benefit inner-city, struggling neighborhoods providing them with the skills to support themselves and I am more than certain somewhere during this time I will have come up with some other random ideas that will make me one step closer to world domination.

TPL: What does it mean to Live Life Profashionally to you?
Ibriz: Living Life Profashionally means to be a professional bad ass that carries their self with style and grace at all times.

TPL: Advice for young entrepreneurs?
Ibriz: Don't let anyone tell you that you're crazy! Since I was very young I always had the most extravagant ideas but thankfully my parents never told me that I couldn't do something or told me no (which now that I think about it was probably the worst decision they've ever made but, I digress). Instead, I was always challenged to find a logical way to make my ideas a reality. So don't let anyone tell you that your ideas are too crazy, or too extreme or impossible. Nothing is impossible. For Dipped, I literally had to present my parents with a full business plan before I used the money that was intended for my first car to launch the line. SACRIFICE. Everything is not going to be handed to you. If you want it, go get it. Lastly, please do not give up. There will be plenty of obstacles but you have to push through in order to acheive your goals. If you give up, that's an L and we do not take L's.

TPL: Anything else you would like to tell us?
Ibriz: Always remember, WE DO NOT TAKE L's. Dipped Cosmetics launches October 1st. God Bless.

Thank you for the interview Ibriz and I can not wait to see this really take off! Want more from Dipped Cosmetics? Check out the Instagram page and website to order your lashes today!

And now the moment you have all been waiting for! Find out how to enter the Dipped Cosmetics x The Profashional Life giveaway here! xoxo

Photos Via: Dipped Cosmetics

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