November 27, 2016

4 London Labels You Don't Know About But Should

Londoners do not play when it comes to their sense of style. (Honestly hoping that I have absorbed some of their slay during my time here.) Here are some dope London labels/stores that you probably don't know about but definitely should (in no particular order):

1. Dirty Rich 

This London based clothing line specializes in creating dope clothing with an impact. I stumbled upon their flagship store in Camden Market and purchased a hoodie from their collaboration collection with Rebel Youth (on sale I might add).

2. Lazy Oaf
I honestly don't remember how I found out about this brand but I am in LOVE. This independent British street wear label is quirky and cute yet honestly so fab. They've done collaborations with DC Comics, Warner Brothers, Dreamworks and the like. The flagship store is in Soho and for all my Londoners, they are having an archive sample sale this upcoming weekend at Studio Nine!! For all of my non-Londoners, (including myself in about three week's time *insert crying emoji*) they offer worldwide shipping AND a student discount! You're welcome.

3. Daolondon
I discovered Daolondon at their stall at Afropunk London (which was incredible) and immediately followed them on Instagram. As a young Sierra Leonean (represent), African prints always catch my eye but it wasn't just the African print that drew me in. Think Matte Brand meets West Africa in the chicest way possible. Crop tops with print and chiffon and maxi dresses made out of cotton with a print lining. I know. It's hot. And yes, they deliver worldwide. 

4. Rokit
This one is for all of my vintage lovers. Rockit has a huge selection of vintage finds literally dating back to the thirties. I discovered this gem while wandering along Brick Lane a couple of weeks ago and have been plotting on my next windbreaker ever since. They also offer worldwide delivery. 

Well my loves, I hope I have enlightened you and given you some suggestions to add to that Christmas list. (;

Stay Profashional.



November 17, 2016

Young Empress #OOTD

Yes, I know. This shirt is the embodiment of my inner (and outer) African Empress.

Thankfully, these autumn days haven't been too cold in London. Cloudy of course but not freezing so I'll take it. I decided to dress up a bit for class today to give myself a little extra energy boost. (The better you look, the better you feel, right?) I picked out this plaid mini skirt from Zara and paired it with my new favorite boots from Ego Shoes. I threw on some tights and my leather jacket from Topshop to give off an overall grungy London vibe (I think anyways lol). This CUSTOM made t-shirt was drawn by visual artist and founder of Listen Vision Gallery, Andrea Noel. I came up with the concept and she brought my African Empress to life!

Exactly one month left until I leave this amazing city and the feeling is bittersweet. I'm going to soak in as much as I can and will continue to share my experiences with you all!

Be sure to check out Listen Vision Gallery on Facebook! You can get your own Empress shirt here and browse through some other dope designs.

And a special shoutout to my favorite photographer/vlogger, @NRGPhotographs (who also happens to be the dopest person I know).

Stay Profashional, my loves.


November 03, 2016

When in Rome...

I know the title is cliche but in all honesty, when else would I ever get to to use it!? Last week during my Fall Break my mom and I traveled to Roma, Italia!

Yes, this was the best birthday I have ever had. I turned 21 in London and got to explore the capital of Italy.

My mom and I arrived in Italy and took in everything the city had to offer. We visited every top attraction, ate every type of pizza and browsed through every designer shop.

St. Peter's Basilica
The world's largest church of Christianity is even more beautiful than you think it is. The Holy Door is cast in bronze and the mesmerizing dome was designed by none other than Michelangelo.

We went on a Sunday right after the service and only had to wait in line for 45 minutes (which is nothing compared to what the usual wait time is). Unfortunately, we were unable to visit the Sistine Chapel and Vatican Museum being that they close on Sunday but we still had a blast soaking in all the faith and artwork.

The Pantheon
I know you have heard about the Pantheon and seen it in numerous history books. It is the most well preserved Roman temples and is even in use today as a church!
My mom being super cute (per usual)

The Colosseum
The massive stone amphitheater took my breath away each and every single time we passed it. Its sheer massiveness is enough to stop you in your tracks and the history (which I won't get into) is just as mesmerizing. This was definitely my favorite attraction.
One of many selfies because A. My mom bought me a selfie stick and B. She is the absolute cutest

Food & Drink 
I know. This is what you all have been waiting for. First I'll start off by saying that even if you don't drink coffee, you MUST get a cup whilst in Italy. My mom is not a coffee drinker and she had two cups! Also, ham took on a whole new meaning in Italy. Prosciutto and mozzarella pizza is everything I have ever wanted. BUT beware, prosciutto crudo is uncooked and prosciutto cotto means it's cooked. In all honestly, everything we ate was wonderful and fresh. If you don't go to Italy for anything, go to eat.

General Observations
Some general things I noticed are that Italians smoke a lot. Around children, right outside store fronts and restaurants, etc. There is even a glass smoke room inside the airport with pipes leading directly outside. Something else that caught my eye was the amount of frills. Every teenage girl I saw was wearing some type of frill whether it was a frilly shirt, pants, skirt, handbag or shoes, there were frills everywhere. One last thing which is more of a tip really is to do your Italian designer shopping in Italy. I guess this may seem quite obvious but if you are visiting the country, you can claim the 22% tax you paid at the airport before you leave. 22%! For example, being the nosey person I am, I saw a receipt at the airport for €7,000 from Fendi which meant that the individual received €1,540 back!

Have you been to Rome? What are some of your favorite spots? Comment and let me know!

Stay Profashional, my loves!


October 27, 2016

Birthday Looks #NotSoYoungReese

It's official. I'm old. *insert crying emoji here*

In all seriousness, I turned 21 exactly one week ago and as excited as I was, it was also a moment of realization that I'm an adult. *insert more crying emojis here*

But, on a more positive note, the week was filled with nothing but slayage:

*excuse the cell phone quality images, it was a hectic night*

Wednesday night, my friends accompanied me to my birthday dinner at Thai Square in Trafalger Square. I decided on a rust colored, velvet body-con dress paired with perspex black boots and a black choker. Of course I also accessorized with my gold arm cuff and a dark lip.

After dinner we hit the club and turned up into the early hours of my birthday.

I also had a photoshoot (of course):

For the shoot, I chose an oversized knitted jumper dress and some high knee socks.

Special shoutout to Sonia for the amazing photoshoot (@NRGphotographs) and thank you to everyone for the birthday wishes. Pictures from my trip to Italy coming soon. Stay Profashional my loves.


Dress - Missguided UK
Boots - Ego
Choker - AliExpress
Jumper Dress - Boohoo
Socks - Urban Outfitters

October 12, 2016

Amsterdam: A City of Freedom

Author John Green once said, "Some tourists think Amsterdam is a city of sin, but in truth it is a city of freedom. And in freedom, most people find sin." I couldn't agree more with him.

Amsterdam is uniquely beautiful. Not just for its colorful houses lining the canals but for its sense of freedom.
I don't just mean the weed and although that is a large part of it, I am really referring to the sex. Being able to freely partake in activities that usually hold such a negative connotation in other parts of the world is really quite strange yet freeing at the same time. The Red Light District is just as crazy as you think it is. As I walked through and girls beckoned me towards them, I felt a mixture of awe, shock, disbelief and straight fascination.

I am sure you have heard of what happens in the Red Light District but actually seeing what happens is something else entirely. There are literally rows of lit up rooms complete with a bed, sink, stool etc., and a woman (sometimes two) standing behind a glass door in her lacy lingerie. It's like a giant, lit up vending machine filled with scantily clad women. A person sees what they want, taps on the glass and gets it (after some negotiating, of course).

As I watched these interactions occur around me I couldn't help but wonder if these women really chose this lifestyle or if it was chosen for them.

Is it circumstance or is it just what it is and nothing else. Prostitution is legal (weed technically isn't) so is there really a negative association with it? Are these women just going to work like the rest of us do in an office or studio or wherever? Are they technically more free than the rest of us? Free to do what they wish with their bodies whether that's sell it or load it up with marijuana. Unfortunately, I was unable to get anyone to answer these questions but who knows, maybe next time I'll get an interview with a prostitute.

On another note, the food was amazing and the people were so nice. The signs were in Dutch but everyone spoke English so my friends and I only got lost twice.

Italy is next week so stay tuned my loves and Stay Profashional!



September 23, 2016

I Should Have Paid More Attention in French Class

Musée d'Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris
I think I have wanted to visit Paris since I was in the third grade. No exaggeration, the third grade. Now, 11 years later, that dream has come true.

Last weekend, I was able to explore the most beautiful city in the world with my study abroad program and it was incredible. I know you've heard that before but it really is. While I have no intentions of becoming a vlogger, here is a little video I made to share my experience with you all:

Here is also a quick recap of the weekend (because I loved it that much).

Day One:
We arrived in Paris early in the evening and my friends (Sonia and Morgan) and I had the opportunity to take a boat cruise along the Seine later that night. It was beautiful. The Eiffel Tower at night is a sight like no other. After the boat tour, we roamed about and had macaroons filled with gelato that changed my entire life.

Day Two:
The morning began with a bus tour of the city and ended with a visit at the Louvre. Of course, I had to take a million pictures in front of the entrance.

This is Sonia :)

After the Louvre, it was lunch time. We found an adorable cafe not too far from the museum and the bread, cheese and wine is actually as delicious as people say, I promise.

Night time is meant for night clubs, right (see what I did there)? We went to Palais Maillot and despite the fact that my six years of French completely failed me and I was laughed at numerous times for my awful attempts, I still had a lot of fun practicing the very little I did remember. The music was great and everyone quite literally danced the night away. I've never met more affectionate people than the French.

Day Three: 
Our last day in Paris was spent at the Musée d'Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris and walking along the Champs-Élysées. There is something so unsettling yet so exciting about being in a country where you don't speak the language. I found myself so intrigued with both similarities and differences between French culture and American culture.

Tomorrow is Afropunk London and although I won't be bringing my camera, I will try my best to put this iPhone to good use. I hope you enjoyed my Paris recap! Stay Profashional, my loves. xoxo

September 13, 2016

Why You Should Study Abroad #YoungLondoner

I have only been living in London for two weeks and I wish I could truly document the experience. Words, photos and videos only do it so much justice. There is something so incredibly eye opening about emerging yourself into a different culture. Living and interacting with the people and this city has been like taking the biggest breath of fresh air I have ever had in my twenty years of life.

So as if that wasn't convincing enough, I am going to break down my experience thus far into 4 different categories: School, Food, Culture and Nightlife.

My parents would be mad if I didn't start with this lol. I'm taking 5 classes this term: Reporting and Investigative Journalism, Fashion and Media, Video Production, and two graphic design courses; one image based and the other text. The main difference I have noticed is that the expectations here are much higher. Of course I can only speak from my personal experience but these professors (tutors, as the Brits would say) are playing no games. Due to the nature of my courses, I do not have any formal exams but am expected to complete assignments and A's are only awarded to work that goes above and beyond. Simply completing the work will earn you a B-. Sounds difficult but I'm really looking forward to the work I will be producing. I've been forced to get creative so stay tuned for some greatness.

If someone has ever told you that British food sucks, keep them around because they love you. Of course if you enjoy bland food, by all means go for it. But stay away from the black pudding. Like really, stay away.

As I'm sure you've heard, the Indian restaurants are where it's at. My new friends (pictures coming soon) and I ventured out to Brick Lane last weekend for a street art walking tour and ended up at the shops and curry houses. We were not disappointed. Every Italian place I have been to has also been mouthwateringly fresh. Cream churned right before it got to the table fresh. I have yet to hit a tea room (if you know me, you know how surprising that is) but expect more in this section very soon!

Culture/ Lifestyle
My UK girls, Morgan and Ciarra!
There is so much I could put into this section but I won't give it all away because you should experience it for yourself (:

First and foremost, the Brits don't like us. They love our accents and music and that's about it. Secondly, the Brits are so nice! I have accidentally walked into so many people and each and every time they turn around and apologize to me. As if it was their shoulder in my way. Thirdly, the Brits drive on the other side of the road and it's weird. I think I have almost gotten hit by a car 12 times now due to the fact that I keep looking the wrong way before I cross the street. Fourthly, the museums, exhibitions, street art, fashion, cultural landmarks and city itself is so remarkable. There is something for everyone. Finally, the Brits believe in student discount!! From the supply store to Urban Outfitters, I have been able to get discounts on almost everything and who doesn't love a discount!

Street Art in East London
Save the best for last, right? Believe me when I say that these people know how to have a good time. Like a really good time. My first weekend here I went to a club called Visions in East London and this past weekend, I hit Tonteria in West London. I don't think I have ever had as much fun as I did in any club in the states. The only downside to clubbing out here is that you usually have to be on the guest list to get in or you could end up in line forever and/or not getting in at all. But when you do get in, it's totally worth it. Oh, and the drinking age is 18 in case you forgot.

Side note: Public transportation is the way to go. There is a travel card called the Oyster Card and once you load it up, you can access the tube and the bus which both run really late into the night making it the perfect way to get home after a night of partying!  

New friends I met in line (:
Studying abroad provides you with a once in a lifetime opportunity. I am currently living in one of the world's most amazing cities with no care in the world (classes always come first though). Paris this weekend and Fashion Week next! If you want to know anything about London or share your study abroad experience, please comment!

Stay Profashional, my loves! So much more to come! xoxo

August 25, 2016

4 Days and Counting #LondonTales

Photo via: Wallpaper
I wish I could articulate what I'm feeling into words right now as I stare into my empty suitcases. I'm somewhere between overwhelming excitement and intense trepidation (yes, I know I'm dramatic). In exactly four days, my little behind will be up in the air flying into the unknown (ok, I'm done with the dramatics). In exactly four days, I will be flying to London for a semester!!

Ever since I was a senior in high school, I knew I wanted to do a semester abroad and still can't believe it has actually come to fruition.

I am so excited to share my study abroad journey with you all and encourage you to follow and/or subscribe for updates on new posts. Stay tuned for London Looks, Millennial Meetups, Live From the (insert amazing location here), Travel Vlogs and maybe even some action from London Fashion Week. As I learn, grow, and explore, so will you.

Stay Profashional my loves and stay tuned! xoxo

August 11, 2016

5 Trends You Need Now

As both of my summer internships are wrapping up, I finally have some time to post and promise that I will be back to posting weekly. I also have a huge announcement coming up soon so stay tuned...

Although summer is quickly drawing to a close, there is nothing wrong with slaying at the remaining beach days and barbecues and even transitioning some summer staples into the fall. Here are 5 of my favorite summer trends you need in your life now and where to get them:

1. Mules
The mule has officially made a come back and for good reason. Mules are super chic and super comfortable which is of course the best of both worlds.
Asos | $68
Yoins | $39.95
Topshop | $100

2. Mirrored Sunnies
Mirrored sunglasses add a touch of cool to every single outfit and have a huge celebrity following. Pro tip: Order a pair from Ali Express to save some money while staying cool.
Ali Express | $8.79
Nordstrom | $60
Topshop | $38

3. Cold Shoulders

If I'm being completely honest, cold shoulder tops, dresses, bodysuits, etc. are no longer a trend. They are a closet staple. A wardrobe essential. A necessity. It's the perfect way to show some skin while leaving something to the imagination. Get yours, like yesterday.  
Asos | $36
Urban Outfitters | $69
Nasty Gal | $58

4. White Sneaks
I know. Everyone and their mothers own a pair of Stan Smiths and after the Damn, Daniel craze, you wonder if you really need a pair of white sneakers. The answer is yes. I can assure you that there are a number of options that won't leave you looking like everyone else.
Puma | $140
Finish Line | $89.99
Reebok | $74.99

5. Midi Skirt
I am absolutely in love with midi skirts. I love skirts in general but midi skirts hold a special place in my heart. The styling options are unlimited. You can tuck a graphic tee into the waistline, get a matching set or pair it with a loose blouse for a more elegant feel.
Charlotte Russe | $13.49
Express | $39.90
Forever 21 | $22.90

Stay Profashional, my loves! xoxo

May 19, 2016

When in Brooklyn #OOTD

Last week my best friend, Liz and I decided to take a little day trip to New York and explore Brooklyn (after a quick trip to the MOMA of course). Side note: If you have not been to the MOMA in a bit, I highly suggest you go. The Edgar Degas exhibition was wonderful as was every other exhibit to be completely honest.

After fooling around there, we hopped on the train to Brooklyn! This was my first time in Brooklyn which is actually crazy being that I have been to New York about a million and ten times. We moseyed around the Williamsburg section and stumbled upon some amazing murals, authentic Italian food, savory, life changing coffee and walked the Williamsburg bridge!

 Another Brooklyn trip will be coming soon. Know of any cool spots? Comment and let me know! And as always, Stay Profashional my loves! xoxo

Hat - Stolen from a friend lol
Jacket - Topshop
Jeans - American Eagle
Sneakers - New Balance
Watch - Casio 
Purse - Aldo
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