February 12, 2016

Pucker Up

As Winter continues to creep its way in, we rely on our favorite lippies to keep us cute underneath that blanket scarf and parka and hat and hood and everything else we're bundled under. Valentine's Day weekend will definitely involve lipstick but that may become problematic when it comes to kissing or eating. Matte formulas will be the best bet for longevity and pigmentation. Here are my five favorite (matte) Winter lippies just in time for Valentine's Day so pucker up my loves!

1. NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream Transylvania:  This lippie has been in my top five for some time now. The smoked purple takes about 2 layers to get even and 3 layers to get vamped out but the final product is gorgeous.
2. MAC Stone: I did not like this color when I first saw it but once I swiped it on my lips, I fell in love. The color is a grayish taupe brown which sounds odd but it's a must try.
3.  ColourPop Tulle: I have to admit, I ordered this lippie with a completely different idea of how it would look. I was hoping for a light pinkish brown and it's just straight pink. After my first few wears, I got over the disappointment and fell in love with the pink. It's described as a dusty mauve burgundy (whatever that means).
4. MAC Diva: One can never go wrong with the classic red lip. This lippie is described as an intense reddish burgundy and that is exactly what it is. A lipstick staple.
5. ColourPop Guess: If you're like me and a bit too shy to go for a black lip, this is the lippie for you! This blackened violet is perfect for a super sexy look and lasts for hours. Side note: Colourpop is my new found love. The ultra matte liquid lipsticks are long wearing and super pigmented and only $6.00!!!!

Tulle by Colourpop
Transylvania by NYX
Stone by MAC
Guess by Colourpop

If you've tried any of these lippies, comment and let me know! Whether you're going out with your bae or your bestfriend this weekend, have a fantabulous time! As always, Stay Profashional my loves! xoxo

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