March 24, 2016

Is it worth it? 5 Beauty Products Worth the Hype

Too often, the reason we buy a beauty product is due to the hype surrounding it. You see the product on every beauty blogger's instagram, all over your timeline and in every fashion magazine so you finally decide to try it out. Unfortunately, not all of these beauty products live up to the hype surrounding it and you end up wasting money that could have gone towards a pizza. Fear not my loves! I have compiled a little list of some products I have bought actually worth the hype!

1. Colourpop Lippies 
Of course these had to make it into the post! If you did not already know, Colourpop's Ultra Matte lippies are my new found love. (Literally just ordered four more colors.) The colors are super pigmented, one application will last for HOURS and they are so cheap! Check out my previous post, "Pucker Up" to read more about this glorious product.

2. Highlighting Pressed Powder
Yes, yes, yes. Absolutely worth the hype. If you want the lit from within glow, then you need to purchase a highlighting pressed powder. The right highlighting powder can really pack a punch and create the perfect glow. I am in love with my Lorac Travel Sized TANtalizer Baked Bronzer but have also heard amazing things about the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed and the MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Gold Deposit. *Side note: Ulta is having a month long sale on a variety of beauty products!!! You're welcome.

3. Ben Nye Mojave Luxury Powder
I'll get straight to the point. You need this in your life. I know you have seen every beauty vlogger use a Ben Nye powder in their tutorial and for good reason. I use it as a finishing powder and it gives my face a warm, matte finish. By the middle of the day, my T-zone is usually shining like a light beam but this powder keeps my skin matte for hours. The only downside is that you have to order it online but it is honestly worth it.

4. L.A. Girl Pro Concealer
Here's another product I know you've seen in every YouTube makeup tutorial. I just bought an L.A. Girl Pro Concealer in Dark Cocoa to use as a contour and I must admit that I am very pleased. The product is a bit on the thicker side which I am not a fan of but the color is very pigmented and a little bit really does go a long way. It provides a natural contour but must be blended quickly due to the fact that it sets so quickly. Honestly, for $3 this product really gets the job done. I'll definitely be grabbing more colors soon to use as a highlight.

5. Beauty Blender
I finally did it. I took a leap of faith and landed into a soft, absorbent pile of beauty blenders. No seriously, I am in love. My friends have been telling me to get one for months and I kept brushing them off. Now here I am, advocating for them. I still use a brush for my foundation (can't convert me that easily) but I use my beauty blender to blend out my highlight and contour and oh my goodness does it blend it out. I refused to spend $20 on the original Beauty Blender and am still in love with my $5 beauty blender by Studio Basics.

What products do you think live up to the hype? Comment and let me know! And as always, Stay Profashional, my loves! xoxo

March 13, 2016

Springtime Fine - Howard Edition

There are no words to actually describe the thing that is Springtime at Howard University. It is just something that one has to experience. The students often joke that days like these (80 degrees and no clouds in sight) are what sold us the Howard dream. That and the picture of the cheesing Howard football player hoisting his gorgeous Howard cheerleader on his shoulder of course.

All jokes aside, I love Howard in the Spring. The sun is beaming, the melanin is glowing and the Yard is popping. If one ever doubted Howard students' sense of style, then they have obviously never seen us work in the Spring. Let a little bit of sun shine through the heavens and we are collectively showing out.

As soon as I saw the weather forecast for the week, I decided to make a little Springtime Fine Howard University Edition Lookbook. Here are a couple of cuties I spotted on the Yard during the week:
Justin Austin
Instagram/Twitter: @_JustinxAustin

Photographed by Aria Williams
Twitter: @ariawillphoto
Tierra Jackson
Twitter/Instagram: @haveasipoftee
Twitter/Instagram: @iHolyTrinity
Najah Williams
Twitter: @bossladynaj
Twitter/Instagram: @newstarttavin
Desmond Okah
Twitter/Instagram: @ProNigerian

Photographed by Aria Williams
Twitter: @ariawillphoto
Stay Profashional my loves! xoxo

March 06, 2016


This past Monday, I had the amazing opportunity to volunteer with Indie Fashion Week as a Public Relations Assistant! Indie Fashion Week, created by Terrance Payton and Harley Morgan, is a semi-annual series of events with the intention of highlighting and showcasing products from fashion houses and collectives right here in the District.

Monday night was the kick off event of Indie Fashion Week and the official launch of The Moxy Lounge dubbed "The New Vintage Styling Phenomenon of the DMV." The event was located at Amsterdam Lounge right on U Street. The Moxy Lounge will house exclusive vintage finds available for purchase while serving as a venue for brands to gain exposure and sales potential. Indie Fashion Week Co-Founder, Terrance Payton described Moxy as "a one stop shop for the vintage enthusiast."

Monday's event, entitled #ModelMondayz, will be a weekly happy hour and social with the purpose of uniting members of the music/fashion/entertainment industry while highlighting different brands. The models interacted with audience members which really enhanced the overall event.

As a PR Assistant, I was thrown wherever they needed me. I ended up backstage assisting the stylists and models and would not have been happier anywhere else. The models were gorgeous, of course, and had no problem striking poses on and off the runway.

"Hollywood Glam"
"80's Fun"
I had a great time and look forward to working with some of the stylists and models I met in the near future. Stay tuned ;)

And as always, Stay Profashional my loves! xoxo
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