April 28, 2016

Living Life Profashionally: Olivia Anakwe

Hello my loves! I know I have been missing for some time but I am happy to say that finals are officially over and I am a junior in college! God is so good y'all. But anyways, you already know what time of the month it is. Time to interview someone who is Living Life Profashionally! To Live Life Profashionally means to strike the balance of being professional and fantabulous. It means to carry yourself with class and to never stop reaching for your goals whatever they may be. This month's interviewee is real life goals! Well, if you are 5'11", absolutely stunning and have skin glowing like the sun, that is. Olivia Anakwe is an up and coming model who will soon be known by the world. This Nigerian American beauty (shoutout to my West African gyals dem) has been featured in Refinery29's model watch list and worked the runway this past season. Without further adieu, here is Olivia:

TPL: Who is Olivia?
Olivia: A 19-year-old woman ready to slaaaay.  

TPL: How were you discovered?
Olivia: I was actually just here (New York) for the day with my family because we were attending my sister's graduation. To say the least, it was a super exciting day for both of us. 

TPL: How would you describe your personal style?
Olivia: I don't have a set style. #SlayAllDay

TPL: How do you manage being a full time student and a model?
Olivia: Ahhh, it is definitely challenging at times but you learn to work with it I have either early morning or night classes so I can go to castings or shoots during the day. My is mom is also a good motivator with her hourly texts to see if I've done my work (:. I am usually in coffee shops doing my work when I have a break. I have also done some wild things like write an essay on my phone while on the subway. Finding that balance and any time I can spare to whip out my work is how I've been managing.

TPL: What do you do in your free time?
Olivia: I am usually doing school work or running around but when I do get a second of complete free time, I like to go out to random coffee shops. It has been something that I have enjoyed so much to clear my head, people watch, or read. Between castings I always find hidden gems. I'm thinking of sharing them soon through a social media platform so stay tuned (wink wink). When I'm not trying new teas, meeting up with friends, going to the gym, finding volunteer opportunities, hanging out with my sister and discovering the world of food that is what I am probably doing. Honestly, I get lost really easily so wandering the city is a pleasant consumer of my time. (: 

TPL: What is one of the most interesting shows you've done?
Olivia: Every show has had something interesting and unique which makes it really difficult to just pick one. My top three are:
Baja East- This was my second time walking for them this past show season. The vibe, the team and the collection are absolutely incredible.
Brother Vellies- The live butterflies and the atmosphere was just so surreal and magical.
Sophie Theallet- It was so powerful with their diversity on the runway which included race, body and age. It was beautiful.  

TPL: If you could only wear one designer for the rest of your life, who would it be?
Olivia: Chlo√©.

TPL: Tell us about your fashion week debut?
Olivia: Ahhh, Fashion Week is the most anticipated, crazy, roller-coaster ride. I truly loved it because it took me to places I would have never gone, met so many amazing people, and got to werkkkk. It gets a bit insane at times because you never really know what is going on...emails, phone calls, text messages are coming in at all times telling you when and where you need to be, if things are cancelled, or if you need to be at a location "RIGHT NOW". When the castings start you pray to meet with certain designers/casting directors, then you start praying to go to certain fittings, then you start praying to walk in certain shows (basically, a whole bunch of prayers).

TPL: Are there any models in the industry you look up to?
Olivia: Yes, so many models! Even models who are my friends, it's wonderful seeing people close to you killing it. Right now, I'm taking a bit of inspiration from Naomi, Liya, Jourdan Dunn, Kiara Kabukuru, Maria Borges...and can I say Beyoncé? She is just my life role model...

TPL: Where do you see yourself in the next 10 years?
Olivia: That's a heavy question. Before I started modeling, I would have said I will have finished medical school and started working as a dermatologist. Now I do still want that and am in school on the same Pre-Med track, but modeling has just opened up a new world of possibilities. So in 10 years, I will be well-traveled/worldly supermodel and doctor, with an emphasis volunteering and philanthropy.

TPL: What does it mean to Live Life Profashionally to you?
Olivia: I think it means embracing your creativity, style and inner self.

TPL: Pros and cons of being a model?
Olivia: Pros - EVERYTHING.
Cons - LONG WAITS (but that's also where you can make some friends so it's not really that bad).

TPL: Any advice for up and coming models in the industry?
Olivia: Confidence is key. My goodness I cannot stress it enough. Don't let anyone tell you different about yourself. If you are in the industry, someone believed in you and you need to absolutely go for it. Staying true to yourself and carrying a strong mind will be your most valuable attribute. Always be grateful, even the disappointments are blessings, you just might not see it at first!

Want more from Olivia? Be sure to follow her on Instagram and check out her portfolio! You definitely want to keep up with this beauty and watch her take over. (; Thank you so much for the interview Olivia and I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors! I can't wait to witness your reign.

As always, Stay Profashional, my loves! xoxo
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