August 25, 2016

4 Days and Counting #LondonTales

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I wish I could articulate what I'm feeling into words right now as I stare into my empty suitcases. I'm somewhere between overwhelming excitement and intense trepidation (yes, I know I'm dramatic). In exactly four days, my little behind will be up in the air flying into the unknown (ok, I'm done with the dramatics). In exactly four days, I will be flying to London for a semester!!

Ever since I was a senior in high school, I knew I wanted to do a semester abroad and still can't believe it has actually come to fruition.

I am so excited to share my study abroad journey with you all and encourage you to follow and/or subscribe for updates on new posts. Stay tuned for London Looks, Millennial Meetups, Live From the (insert amazing location here), Travel Vlogs and maybe even some action from London Fashion Week. As I learn, grow, and explore, so will you.

Stay Profashional my loves and stay tuned! xoxo

August 11, 2016

5 Trends You Need Now

As both of my summer internships are wrapping up, I finally have some time to post and promise that I will be back to posting weekly. I also have a huge announcement coming up soon so stay tuned...

Although summer is quickly drawing to a close, there is nothing wrong with slaying at the remaining beach days and barbecues and even transitioning some summer staples into the fall. Here are 5 of my favorite summer trends you need in your life now and where to get them:

1. Mules
The mule has officially made a come back and for good reason. Mules are super chic and super comfortable which is of course the best of both worlds.
Asos | $68
Yoins | $39.95
Topshop | $100

2. Mirrored Sunnies
Mirrored sunglasses add a touch of cool to every single outfit and have a huge celebrity following. Pro tip: Order a pair from Ali Express to save some money while staying cool.
Ali Express | $8.79
Nordstrom | $60
Topshop | $38

3. Cold Shoulders

If I'm being completely honest, cold shoulder tops, dresses, bodysuits, etc. are no longer a trend. They are a closet staple. A wardrobe essential. A necessity. It's the perfect way to show some skin while leaving something to the imagination. Get yours, like yesterday.  
Asos | $36
Urban Outfitters | $69
Nasty Gal | $58

4. White Sneaks
I know. Everyone and their mothers own a pair of Stan Smiths and after the Damn, Daniel craze, you wonder if you really need a pair of white sneakers. The answer is yes. I can assure you that there are a number of options that won't leave you looking like everyone else.
Puma | $140
Finish Line | $89.99
Reebok | $74.99

5. Midi Skirt
I am absolutely in love with midi skirts. I love skirts in general but midi skirts hold a special place in my heart. The styling options are unlimited. You can tuck a graphic tee into the waistline, get a matching set or pair it with a loose blouse for a more elegant feel.
Charlotte Russe | $13.49
Express | $39.90
Forever 21 | $22.90

Stay Profashional, my loves! xoxo
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