September 23, 2016

I Should Have Paid More Attention in French Class

Musée d'Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris
I think I have wanted to visit Paris since I was in the third grade. No exaggeration, the third grade. Now, 11 years later, that dream has come true.

Last weekend, I was able to explore the most beautiful city in the world with my study abroad program and it was incredible. I know you've heard that before but it really is. While I have no intentions of becoming a vlogger, here is a little video I made to share my experience with you all:

Here is also a quick recap of the weekend (because I loved it that much).

Day One:
We arrived in Paris early in the evening and my friends (Sonia and Morgan) and I had the opportunity to take a boat cruise along the Seine later that night. It was beautiful. The Eiffel Tower at night is a sight like no other. After the boat tour, we roamed about and had macaroons filled with gelato that changed my entire life.

Day Two:
The morning began with a bus tour of the city and ended with a visit at the Louvre. Of course, I had to take a million pictures in front of the entrance.

This is Sonia :)

After the Louvre, it was lunch time. We found an adorable cafe not too far from the museum and the bread, cheese and wine is actually as delicious as people say, I promise.

Night time is meant for night clubs, right (see what I did there)? We went to Palais Maillot and despite the fact that my six years of French completely failed me and I was laughed at numerous times for my awful attempts, I still had a lot of fun practicing the very little I did remember. The music was great and everyone quite literally danced the night away. I've never met more affectionate people than the French.

Day Three: 
Our last day in Paris was spent at the Musée d'Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris and walking along the Champs-Élysées. There is something so unsettling yet so exciting about being in a country where you don't speak the language. I found myself so intrigued with both similarities and differences between French culture and American culture.

Tomorrow is Afropunk London and although I won't be bringing my camera, I will try my best to put this iPhone to good use. I hope you enjoyed my Paris recap! Stay Profashional, my loves. xoxo

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