October 27, 2016

Birthday Looks #NotSoYoungReese

It's official. I'm old. *insert crying emoji here*

In all seriousness, I turned 21 exactly one week ago and as excited as I was, it was also a moment of realization that I'm an adult. *insert more crying emojis here*

But, on a more positive note, the week was filled with nothing but slayage:

*excuse the cell phone quality images, it was a hectic night*

Wednesday night, my friends accompanied me to my birthday dinner at Thai Square in Trafalger Square. I decided on a rust colored, velvet body-con dress paired with perspex black boots and a black choker. Of course I also accessorized with my gold arm cuff and a dark lip.

After dinner we hit the club and turned up into the early hours of my birthday.

I also had a photoshoot (of course):

For the shoot, I chose an oversized knitted jumper dress and some high knee socks.

Special shoutout to Sonia for the amazing photoshoot (@NRGphotographs) and thank you to everyone for the birthday wishes. Pictures from my trip to Italy coming soon. Stay Profashional my loves.


Dress - Missguided UK
Boots - Ego
Choker - AliExpress
Jumper Dress - Boohoo
Socks - Urban Outfitters

October 12, 2016

Amsterdam: A City of Freedom

Author John Green once said, "Some tourists think Amsterdam is a city of sin, but in truth it is a city of freedom. And in freedom, most people find sin." I couldn't agree more with him.

Amsterdam is uniquely beautiful. Not just for its colorful houses lining the canals but for its sense of freedom.
I don't just mean the weed and although that is a large part of it, I am really referring to the sex. Being able to freely partake in activities that usually hold such a negative connotation in other parts of the world is really quite strange yet freeing at the same time. The Red Light District is just as crazy as you think it is. As I walked through and girls beckoned me towards them, I felt a mixture of awe, shock, disbelief and straight fascination.

I am sure you have heard of what happens in the Red Light District but actually seeing what happens is something else entirely. There are literally rows of lit up rooms complete with a bed, sink, stool etc., and a woman (sometimes two) standing behind a glass door in her lacy lingerie. It's like a giant, lit up vending machine filled with scantily clad women. A person sees what they want, taps on the glass and gets it (after some negotiating, of course).

As I watched these interactions occur around me I couldn't help but wonder if these women really chose this lifestyle or if it was chosen for them.

Is it circumstance or is it just what it is and nothing else. Prostitution is legal (weed technically isn't) so is there really a negative association with it? Are these women just going to work like the rest of us do in an office or studio or wherever? Are they technically more free than the rest of us? Free to do what they wish with their bodies whether that's sell it or load it up with marijuana. Unfortunately, I was unable to get anyone to answer these questions but who knows, maybe next time I'll get an interview with a prostitute.

On another note, the food was amazing and the people were so nice. The signs were in Dutch but everyone spoke English so my friends and I only got lost twice.

Italy is next week so stay tuned my loves and Stay Profashional!


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