June 27, 2017

Glo Girl Glo✨#ootd

Happy Summer my loves! School is officially over and it's summer timeeee. I am living in Brooklyn for the summer and have been doing nothing but glo'ing (both literally, as you can tell by my cheekbone, and figuratively). This past weekend was my first one as a resident and of course I wound up at Pride NYC. The parade was lit and the outfits were even better. 
My outfit details are below (and I'm sorry I didn't take any of the divas I met). I have so many posts coming this summer featuring my Brooklyn adventures so be sure to stay tuned!
May your summer be filled with nothing but glo and as always, Stay Profashional my loves. 

Outfit Details:

Co-Ord set - Tobi.com
     Crop Top – Tobi.com
     Wide Leg Pants - Tobi.com
Flatform Sandals – Teva
Purse – Francesca’s
Bralet – American Apparel (Unfortunately, they are no longer with us 😔)
Highlight – Dipped Cosmetics (Because my highlight was on fleek and I know you were wondering what highlighter it was)




May 09, 2017

Living Life Profashionally: Nick Tesla

Nick Tesla is a beat maker, Friends aficionado and overall very chill guy. Originally from Wingdale, New York, Nick moved to D.C. to attend Howard University and began making beats out of his dorm room during his second year. Four years and four projects later, he has developed a sound and studio of his own. Get to know Nick Tesla:

Who is Nick Tesla?
Nick: Nick Tesla is a beat maker. Plain and simple. A soul sampler, hip-hop lover, pretty much just a beat maker. I try to keep it as simple as possible.

TPL: Where did the name come from?
Nick: So I was living in Meridian Hall during my sophomore year and wanted a stage name so that I could start putting out music to create my image, my brand. I didn’t want to use my last name so it was between Nick Tesla after Nikola Tesla, the Serbian engineer or Nick Mercury after Freddie Mercury of Queen but just because Nick Tesla was a name already I thought that was kinda hot and paying honor to him. So Nick Tesla stuck and I think it rolls of the tongue a little better than Nick Mercury so that’s was I stuck with. 

TPL: What are currently your main challenges as a beat maker?
Nick: Mixing my beats, making sure the kick is strong, but still warm in a way. Making sure the snare is layered correctly. The fine tuning aspect of it. I’m very critical of myself as an artist and want to make everything perfect.

TPL: Tell us about the master plan.
Nick: I’m still trying to figure that out myself. I have a couple of goals set. I want to make beats for adult swim, I want to make beats for commercials, and a theme song for a show. I want to have a boiler room set, I really enjoy doing live shows just because it’s really fun to play beats live. 

TPL: What do you usually start with when preparing for a set?
Nick: Three days out before a show I’ll start compiling all of my beats, exporting beats, start putting them all into one project, line them up so I can play them one by one before the show, I color coordinate the pads on my table. Purple may mean play early, yellow may mean play late. And then when I’m up there I put out just kind of what I feel. If the crowd is feeling slow songs, I’ll put out a couple more or if I see some chattering I’ll turn it up a bit. Depends on the crowd. 

TPL: Is there anyone in the music industry that you look up to?
Nick: There's a lot of musicians I look up to, a lot of beat makers I look up to. A lot of the cats that inspire me on the daily are just people that I stumble across on Soundcloud. Ohbliv is out of VA, Eu-IV is out of Baltimore, Foisey is out of Connecticut, Knxwledge is a big inspiration, Iman Omari... just as a kid our age growing up listening to Kanye, DJ Premier, I mean there's a lot of people. I go through phases of who is inspiring me at the moment but all of the people I listen to are top dogs in my opinion.

Do you have a favorite project thus far?
Nick: Tes of Time. I dropped my second solo beat tape called Tes of Time on April 15. Nine tracks. In total I have four projects out. My first one was Body in December 2015. My second one was actually a collab with my man DJ DeTroyt. We produced under the name Steady Murphy and  released a beat tape in July 2016 called Three Piece and a Mix. It was three beats produced by the both of us. Two months ago I released I Just Want to be with You. It was two tracks. Something slight. And now Tes of Time. It’s my favorite because it’s the newest. It’s my baby and I want to nurture it and give it life. 

TPL: Anything special you currently working on?
Nick: I’m notorious for coming up with the promo before before I even finish the project or the beat per se. So I have a bunch of ideas in my head but I would be lying if I said I have like even half the tracks done for those projects but I have hella ideas for what I want to do as far a titles, track names, album covers, schemes and stuff like that.

Be sure to listen to Tes of Time (you just have to scroll down // you're welcome) and keep up with Nick on Instagram and Soundcloud.

A special thanks to Tobi for the photography. I also suggest following him on Instagram for a daily dose of style inspiration.

And as always, Stay Profashional. xoxo

April 14, 2017


Ladybug. My first attempt at creatively directing a photoshoot. I came up with the concept during a recent trip to New York and was fortunate enough to put together a team who could really help me bring my vision to life. I wanted to evoke a sense of playfulness mixed with class and believe we achieved that. 

A huge thank you to Devon, Anoa and Tobi. Without you all, this wouldn't have been possible. 

Stay tuned for more content (I know I've been slacking) and as always, Stay Profashional. xoxo

Model: Devon (@devonmikelle)
Make Up: Anoa (@anoam_)
Photography: Tobi (@tobi_oladejo)
Creative Direction: Yours Truly✨ (@its_clarice)

January 14, 2017

The Woodshop #OOTD

There are a number of perks that come with having a sister who is a fashion designer. One being I get to see pieces before the public and another (my personal favorite) being that I get custom pieces :)
As absurd as it sounds, the weather was absolutely amazing and I didn't need a winter coat today. That being the case, of course I had to pull out my hand painted denim jacket made by none other than my best friend and sister Francess, fashion designer and owner of The Woodshop.
I paired the jacket with a mock neck long sleeve top, high waisted jeans and my Adidas Superstars. In terms of accessories, I kept it simple with a denim cap (taken from my mom's closet), hoop earrings and Tathata canvas tote/backpack.
I hope everyone is having a wonderful New Year and a smooth transition back into school. I plan on doing a lot more outfit of the days so stay tuned. And be sure to check out The Woodshop's latest collection to get yourself something nice (;

Stay Profashional, my loves.


Denim Jacket - The Woodshop
Top - American Apparel
Jeans - American Eagle
Sneakers - Size?
Bag - Tathata Brand


January 02, 2017

Life Lessons I Learned Studying Abroad (and Ultimately in 2016)

Happy New Year my loves! I hope 2016 was everything you hoped for it to be and that 2017 will be even better. To be honest, this post is long overdue. As you all know, I spent the past three and a half months studying abroad in London and had the opportunity to visit four other countries during that time. As cliche as it sounds, it was the most liberating experience I've ever had. I could not work due to the lack of a work visa and could not really join any extracurriculars due to the short amount of time I was there. All I had to focus on was school and exploration. Being so far from home and essentially on your own in a different country brings you face to face with yourself. You're alone and forced to come to terms with your failings and your strengths. I learned a lot in those three and half months and will carry these lessons with me for the rest of my life in all honesty.

Source: Tumblr
Wow. Wow. Wow. I cannot stress this enough. I will be honest and tell you all that I am completely broke right now because I lost my mind in Europe and thought I was someone with a steady income. LOL. My credit card became my best friend and that was not supposed to happen. I created a budget within my first couple of weeks in London and found myself being super stingy with my funds. Instead of allowing myself a little more wiggle room, I decided to ball out. There is nothing wrong with splurging on yourself once in awhile but it has to be ONCE IN AWHILE. Looking back, I have no regrets (sorry bank account) but if I could do it again, I would definitely have stuck to my budget and spread out my purchases. Pro Tip: For all of my adventurous readers looking to study abroad, get your souvenirs throughout your stay. Do not wait until the last week. You're welcome.

Source: Giphy
Although this may seem obvious, I believe that sometimes we get so wrapped up in what we know we like (or think we know) or know about ourselves (or think we know) and close our minds to trying new things. I can personally attest to this. I am so confident in who I am and the person I am becoming that I sometimes find myself closing my mind to new experiences. This can be anything from trying new foods to traveling to a new city to becoming friends with someone you usually wouldn't. Try something new. It might end up being your new favorite thing.

Source: Giphy
THIS IS SO IMPORTANT. YOU ARE ALLOWED TO BE SELFISH. Selfishness has such a negative connotation but it is not always a bad thing. To be selfish means to be concerned chiefly with one's own personal profit or pleasure. THAT IS OK. Now of course, you cannot lack consideration for others but at the same time, you are allowed to put yourself first. When I was abroad, I decided to do things that would make me happy. I was determined to make the most of my experience because it was exactly that. My experience. Remember that you cannot please everyone but you sure as hell can please yourself.

Source: Pinterest
I was bold in London. Emailing various fashion editors, reaching out to bloggers on Instagram, applying to various internships, etc. and it was not in vain. (Greatness to come in 2017). If you want something, you have to go get it and when the opportunity presents itself, you must grab hold of it immediately. That opportunity might be the one to change your entire life. 

Thank you London for the amazing memories and lessons learned. I miss you dearly and will see you in 2018. What life lessons did you learn this past year?

Stay Profashional. 

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